Swiper No Swiping…Only If a Valid Patent

On August 13, 2012, in Patents, by Brian A. Hall

UnIP (UnIntellectual Property): Patent for Swipe to Unlock Feature on Mobile Phone

With Apple waging patent war across several continents, a recent decision by the High Court of England and Wales is both timely and possibly telling of what may come in the United States as it relates to mobile phone technology. While the case involved several patents, the most commonly recognized was Apple’s “swipe to unlock” feature of its iPhone. The Court held that the patent was invalid for both lack of novelty and lack of an inventive step. See more on this latest finding unintellectual property. There is plenty more on the Apple patent lawsuit.

For now, this particular ruling, and the Apple patent cases in general, remind me of an oft-repeated line from the Dora the Explorer cartoon, “Swiper, no swiping!” Anyone with kids knows exactly what I am referencing. It appears for now that Apple, and/or their patent attorneys, repeat that phrase as much as Dora and Boots.

HTC Europe Ltd et al. v. Apple Corporation, [2012] EWHC 1789 (Pat).


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  1. ucsweb says:

    I first saw Swipe-to-unlock used on a touchscreen in an early episode of “Babylon 5” it pre-dates Apple’s invention by several years.

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